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Psychiatric Services for Children & Adults

Family and Children's Service of Ithaca offers psychiatric services to clients receiving therapy in our clinical program. Psychiatry referrals are made when the therapist believes that receiving this service at Family & Children's Service could be a beneficial addition to the client's mental health treatment.

In conjunction with ongoing therapy, our psychiatrists offer:

  • Medication Evaluations
  • Medication Management


Our psychiatrists work collaboratively with clients and their therapists to conduct a thorough evaluation. This process takes into account many factors and allows our staff to create a treatment plan tailored for each individual client. If medication is prescribed, monitoring and medication management will become an added component of treatment.

Family & Children’s Service of Ithaca is fortunate to have a strong team of both Adult and Child Psychiatrists as well as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Our Psychiatrists

Dr. Kristen Nygren, MD Psychiatry- Medical Director
Dr. Kristen Nygren, MD
Psychiatry- Medical Director
Dr. Auguste Duplan, MD Psychiatry
Dr. Auguste Duplan, MD
Dr. John-Tanquary, MD Psychiatry
Dr. John Tanquary, MD

Kathy Lacson, Psych. NP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner